Tuesday, December 13, 2011

When should give you to your child a cell phone: councils for the parents

"Of which age my child like his own cell phone?” C' is a question which is put by many parents who n' were ever posed through l' history. The mobile phones are an astonishing phenomenon. They are so accessible and they have so much functionalities and functions. Almost all the adults have one and almost each child wants one. According to EnviroSmart, an estimate from 250 to 300.000.000 mobile phones of use in the United States

* I suppose that some d' between them are used by the children under l' 18 years age. Then, which is the answer? When the children are enough old to have their own cell phone? When mothers and fathers with their children l' access to the world with your range? When the children should be in measurement of telephone and the text with their friends constantly of the day or of night? When are they rather responsible? Unfortunately, it n' do not exist clear answer. Contrary to drive a car, to vote, or it n' yes no limit d' lawful age for drinking or requirement. Parse quid' it is completely with parents and children who beg and to plead with the answer of everyone could be, and is radically different. All the reasoning of the parents behind this answer will be also varied.

For my own children have cell phones, I know that c' was a little too quickly with d' other parents whose young children raised revision telephones. J' thought quid' it was ridiculous quid' a child d' school age would be authorized to have their own telephone. J' jumped to the conclusion that l' child was spoiled, that the relative was weak, and because I n' do not have a cell phone Justus' so that I am almost 30 when the children would not have. But as I said, j' was too prompt to judge.

As all the remainder, my own parents evolved/moved with time. My children have 16, 14 and 10 and they have each one their own mobile phone.
They are not spoiled. I am not weak. I had suddenly realized, a child at one time, which was really more adapted to ME for them d' to have their own mobile phone. All started when the work of my husband delivered a cell phone to him. Because we are in a contract, we had two telephones, but only one was necessary some. My oldest son, rises of sixth year with l' time, was l' happy recipient of l' telephone extension. It was in my favors nevertheless, and him and its young S œ our was close d' one mile foot at the house after l' school each day.

Now, it could m' to call on my way, and I would like to know quid' they were in safety. Once quid' it obtained on the telephone, j' started to carry out benefit. It could go to play with the children neighbor and I could l' to call when the dinner was ready. It could hang in the house d' a friend and j' could come into contact with him when I wanted. C' was incredible! J' noticed that the parents seem to hesitate to give their first child d' a cell phone. When their first child has a telephone and they realize how much it is easy, then the next child is more likely to receive.

For example, I n' would ever have given my elder d' a telephone 10 years. But now that I am with l' ease with my older children carried out it seems logical quid' they have. Manufacturers’ cell phones to include/understand the convenience for the parents whose children have cell phones. Marketers collected on the characteristics that the parents seeking a protection, the convenience and parental control. Certain telephones are marketed with children as young as five years. How the parents to decide when it is time for their children of their own telephone? Does one have to allow the media and the marketers to determine what is good for our family? Since l' five years age is l' place where some aim at the telephones is that l' ideal age? How the young people are too young? My council as a relative is to follow your instinct and your own choice as regards good for you and your children. If your five years adult and sufficiently person in charge for a telephone? You only can decide some. However, here some things to be considered at the time of this decision.

• can you imagine that? It yes several good markets, pay-has-you-go options for the mobile phones. C' is the best place to start. To obtain a contract with a supplier of telephone can be expensive, especially if the telephone is lost, broken or cleaned in the washing machine. (We learned with the hard one!)
• is it practices for you? There At it of the moments when you want a catch of your child and cannot obtain? Are you the sandpapering of the area, calling the other parents, or even the cell phones of your child friends try to reach them?
• is it in their interest? It yes of the moments when the young person was by itself ready for l' school or in residence. Us n' let us not have a land telephone of line; it was thus important for me of him a way of joining me, his/her father or his grandparents. I feel surer by knowing quid' they can call or text to announce to me how it is or to ask me questions. Once the decision to give to your child of their own cell phone and that you determined the type of telephone to buy, it yes things to be considered a little more. Which are the rules and the limits of these telephones? Put them at the beginning will be useful to quid' measurement; they age and more independent. Here some things to be kept with l' spirit:
• The telephone really. They can be selected and be able to transport it, but you are the only one to pay the invoice. You have the right and the responsibility for the telephone and d' to eliminate the restrictions and directives. You have the right of their conversations, texts and photographs to be checked.
• The telephone is a privilege, not a right. The privileges can be withdrawn for bad behavior, of the weak notes, the lack of respect, or anything else. C' is a formidable tool for the discipline. However, once j' carried out how much it is convenient for me, I am usually more than ready to return if the punishment is finished!
• Be a support of l' school concerning the rules of l' electronics. The cell phones are often prohibited in the schools, but when they are low and out of sight, it n' yes no problem. Resist l' envy text or d' to call your child during the school day. When l' one of my children m' a text gave during the day to tell me quid' it does not feel good, instead of me immediately come them to collect, j' learned how to point out d' to them; to go to l' nurse and it goes m' to call. Not to encourage them with enfreindre rules.
• Accepter that your child will break or lose the telephone, especially when it is young. You have a protection plan. J' have usually an old cell phone which trails that we can transfer if necessary. Certain parents buy insurances. Right too not upset when bad things arrive at the telephones. I believe that my son four destroyed these last years.
• Enseignez them the telephone and l' label texts. You ensure quid' they include/understand the dangers of l' intimidation and sextons. Clear directives for the moment d' to use the telephone and not the telephone. For example, not of telephone to the table, while leading, while in the class, while having time in family.

• You do not excuse a decision. J' glances defensive and obstructed too many by d' other parents. If you want a telephone to give a small child or to maintain it Justus' with this quid' they buy their own telephone, you have your reasons. Do not leave the other parents make you feel l' insecurity about your decisions. When is it necessary your child a cell phone? Give to your child a cell phone when you are ready for them d' to have. L' age and the circumstances will be different in each family and can even be different for each child within the same family. Only you, as a relative can make this decision. Once this decision took root.

Do not leave the heinous glances of the other parents who have several decisions with your swing. Only, you know what is better for your child. Only, you know when their mobile phone should be given. Which decisions mobile phone which you made in your family? Quota in the comments below. If you found this hub useful or interesting, sure being to vote up! Thank you for the reading!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking for ideas for a special gift on your birthday to your boyfriend

Maybe you have a boyfriend, and your boyfriend have been dating for six months or two years, he is entitled to have a wonderful gift from you whenever he celebrates his birthday.

Well thought out gifts are always a great way to show affection and love for your boyfriend. Some men may not be open emotionally as women, but your boyfriend surely could not refuse to give you a kiss or a hug in exchange all the time and effort you spend to find the perfect birthday gift for him. With your girlfriend happy to create something that really might be valuable to him all his life.

Some great gift ideas and romantic to give the most special person in your life at his birthday party:

1. Something romantic.

A birthday present does not always have to be something expensive. Be creative in thinking about romantic birthday gift for your girlfriend. If he always gives you flowers before, why do not you return the favor by giving him a dozen red roses? This will make him remember you as the only girl who ever gave him roses for his birthday.

A small business will go away as well. Cook him his favorite dish and invite him over for a romantic picnic or dinner. Bake him a birthday cake, invite his friends over and surprise him with a birthday party.

Bathe him with love notes, or make the whole day special by giving him a different gift in the day, morning and evening. Be creative in thinking of something fun, romantic and special to him again that he will not forget.

2. Something that he wanted.

If the special someone you're into gadgets, give him that game gadget or music player that he always talked about. If he is a fan of the car, get him a big car accessories. Or, rent a sports vehicle or his dream car for him to drive on his birthday. Go out and spend the day pampering yourself in a sport that he just loves.

3. Something naughty.

boxer shorts Glow-in-the-dark is a sure-fire way to tickle his fancy. Intimate yet funny gift that will remind him of the intimate moments you shared together as a couple.

4. Something nice and traditional.

A gift basket with all the things he likes in a fun package that also makes for a great birthday present for your girlfriend's birthday. A basket of chocolates or wine is a beautiful birthday present.

If he is an executive, making him an expensive tie, cute cuff links or a nice wristwatch. Give him a set of her favorite perfume, cologne and aftershave. If he loves sailing, making him an antique compass that he can use.

5. Something that says "I love you."

You could actually give him an item with a message about how you feel. Give him a keychain for car and house keys with an engraved message. Even small items like this will make your boyfriend feel special.

Remember that it is not always the cost that counts when giving gifts to your girlfriend on her birthday.

A well thought out gift that would remind your boyfriend of how special he is to you will send the right message on his birthday.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Luxury Gifts for You on Christmas Day and New Year 2011

Bvlgari Lady B.Zero1

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hoping to impress a beautiful at Christmas and New Year 2011

Enjoy the special day together with family, friends, and people we love is the desire of all people. With a variety of fine cuisine on the day-to-day are happy, and joked joked decorate the atmosphere it adds to the warmth of Christmas and New Year 2011.

Various gifts and gift prepared for those who have relatives and brothers. And a series of prayers that accompany love Christmas. Day is all Christian people begging prayer to god for blessing the wild have a lasting future.

Gift Christmas and New Year 2011 special for someone who is hearts
Gift or Gift giving can mean something in the form of goods or services to others like friends, relatives, children, relatives or anyone else with the intention that people are given a gift or reward is being happy is also an expression of feelings and love people who give gifts them. In the Christmas and new year 2011 gifts or parcel is an integral part of the celebration. Little things that might warm the holy day. You can knit a sweet memories and love for your loved one, with a unique gift, handicraft or handicraft, phone straps, unique gifts, phonestrap, which can be an enjoyable and memorable.

In choosing a gift or Christmas gift or gift in 2009 is not necessary to give expensive items, but enough to give pleasure. Here we submit tips on choosing a gift or Christmas gift and a great new year can be a handicraft or handicraft, phone straps, unique gifts, phonestrap, for the people you love:

A flower
Maybe this is a cheap and simple goods. But a bouquet of flowers that can be found at merchants who sell handicraft or handicraft sales will carry your message to your loved ones. Also a beautiful bunch of flowers will brighten your heart and make her home more attractive. Flowers provide special memories for the recipient.

Christmas and new year is the time to indulge yourself with delicious pastries. If you happen to have the cooking skills, you can practice it by making pastries for your family. But if you do not have enough time, now widely available a unique gift packages selling cakes shaped nan interesting cuisine at the supermarket, you just buy it for your loved ones.

Memories of the Past
Special memories and beautiful is the friend of all time. You can print your old photos with family, friends or lovers. Give a beautiful frame and give it to them. Perhaps these simple things seem small, but will have a value by bringing back your sweet memories with your loved ones. Or you can find a unique gift in place to sell phone straps or selling phonestrap

Gifts and gift basket
You can give a personal gift basket. A basket with a wide assortment of Christmas gifts. Some popular items, which are usually placed in baskets Gift, such as chocolate, coffee urns are decorated, framed photos, a CD, a pen, scented candles, etc. which can be found at a place selling handicrafts or selling handicraft.

The book is the best gift. Give this gift for your family members who love to read. But first, find out the gift recipient's tastes would you give can be found at the place to sell a unique gift. The book gives special memories for the recipient who like to read.

Family Calendar
If you have a large family and want to do something really special for them, make a collection consisting of photographs of overall shots of your family. Create a surprise party and give them to your collection this. You can also decorate with ornaments that can be found in stores selling phone straps or sell phonestrap.